Saturday, May 2, 2009

Not the artist Victor Skrebneski, but an admirer of his work shows size
Gruen Galleries played host

My favorite Weidner work

Another Weidner

And another

Gary Weidner, center with admirers of his work

Gruen Gallery
Painting and Photography Exhibition

We went to the opening of the exhibition last evening and it was a WOW! There were photographs by Victor Skrebneski, one of the icons of photography in this country and around the world. He took more photographs of famous people than anyone in the world – and this was before People Magazine. Victor was ill and could not attend but it was cool to see what he is now doing – see the pictures above. This series of photographs is called Twombly Montage and prices are $15,000 to $16,000.

The other treat was paintings by Gary Weidner. Gary is a young (to me) genius and his work is simply outstanding. The paintings are from Gary’s Love & Squalor series and in squalor is where I’d be if I purchased the one I wanted for only $25,000.
And in the "isn't it a small world department?", one of Gary's early mentors, Doug DeVinny (a great artist himself) is my neighbor.

Get yourself to Chicago, 226 W. Superior St. (312) 337-6262 and enjoy!