Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Artwalk in Wauwatosa was rained out today. I suspected that might happen when animals started walking through the rain, by the gallery, in pairs. But a spring rain is better than a spring snow. And the good news is Sandy Haeger, owner of One Way CafĂ© & Gallery has asked that my work stay until Saturday, May 24. Maybe we’ll sell something yet.

And today's quote:

There is nothing one sees oftener than the ridiculous and magnificent, such close neighbors that they touch. [Fr., L'on ne saurait mieux faire voir que le magnifique et le ridicule sont si voisins qu'ils se touchent.]~Bernard de Bovier de Fontenelle, Oeuvres--Dialogues des Morts (IV, 32), (ed. 1825)~